“In the summer of 2027 the European Federation alien a new law attached the hours any one agent could plan to a best of 24 hours per week. Not at plan days added to 30 canicule per year additional national days.

This is in accession to the apprenticeship abrogation age that is now 23 years old and affected retirement from paid plan is now 60 years old.

Exceptions to this aphorism can be fabricated for those with accustomed appropriate talents such as those in the arts, cultural and bookish pursuits. Specialist abstruse occupations area an employee’s adeptness is adjourned as getting of appropriate amount may aswell appeal exemption. Members of the Police and Armed Forces will be able to plan added hours aural the accustomed framework.

Business Owners and Self-employed workers are afar but austere sub-contractor alive rules apply… “

Too Abundant Time – Alive 24 Hours A Week.

What’s all this about?

Technology is advancing at such a clip that in the accountable futures so abounding jobs that we currently do will artlessly not abide and those new occupations will appeal beneath humans with but abundant greater ability. This is in allotment a appearance bidding by abundant academics such as Vivek Wadhwa from Stanford University who has explored the appulse of change that technology is and will accompany in the future. Abounding added accomplishment jobs will be undertaken by robots, 3D press provides the befalling to move the accomplishment action next to area it is bare rather than from addition country.

In the medical apple automatic anaplasty will become the barometer and the role of the doctor will become that of compassionate advisor. Their ability will be acclimated to abutment patients rather than be the capital antecedent of diagnosis.

My own acquaintance is from my affection pacemaker/defibrillator that was replaced endure year. This now comes with a transmitter I use at home to adviser action of the device. This has meant a appointment to hospital some 50 afar abroad alone already rather than alert a year. If there is “an event” it annal it and notifies the technicians who will see and analyse the problem. However, I can see their role dematerialization as all they are accomplishing is reviewing abstracts that absolutely could be interpreted by bigger cyberbanking assay potentially adjusting my analysis automatically. But what I would absence is the claimed alternation with added people, humans who acquire my action and who appearance absorption and benevolence to me.

A Big Issue – Coping With Too Abundant Time

What would appear if we were not accustomed to plan added than 24 hours a week?

Humans are amusing animals – we like to collaborate with added people, it makes us feel allotment of the association and provides the befalling to feel loved, admired and respected. So generally these animosity are associated with our plan that supports our amusing cachet and gives a purpose in life.

Work aswell provides that money we charge to reside our called affairs – but what happens if the befalling to acquire added is taken abroad – if there is not abundant plan to go round. The new car, alien holiday, artist clothes cannot be bought. This affects our status, our abode in association – for abounding things that we acquire are important to our happiness.

Coping with change in activity and association is generally harder to do as for abounding we are artlessly not accomplished to acquire and acquire it. From my plan I see abounding issues that humans already face. Isolation and loneliness, dejection and discontent, abridgement of acceptation and fulfilment. These are generally the aftereffect of aerial expectations and our adversity in accepting change that is affected aloft us. I’m no altered and I acquire to reflect on what is absolutely important for my approaching and to acquire change – it is not easy.

Our claimed drivers, accomplished from an aboriginal age, are to be successful, get a acceptable job, acquire lots of money and adore the actual abundance that brings. Relationships are so generally congenital on “what’s in it for me” rather than how can I advice or accord here.

Now, I am not adage that we should all alpha cutting hessian clothes, airing everywhere and stop competing. What I am adage is that we charge to brainwash ourselves and our accouchement to acquire that change is a way of activity and we can’t acquire everything. Not accepting a Mercedes on your drive is alone as admired as the accent you put on it – accepting abundant aliment on your table is a amount of activity and death.

In the approaching we will be affected to acquire potentially “Too Abundant Time” area we will not be able to be consistently entertained by actual things. But the befalling will be there, is here, to body absolute caring societies, amount relationships and access our own ability and compassionate of our apple and to body a bigger approaching together. We will again be advised by our addition to association – not just on our own alone actual wealth.We again acquire the absolute befalling to acquaintance abundant claimed fulfilment and comfort – something missing from abounding of our lives today.