“Godzilla. Now aback to Dinosaurs. We are all a little baffled by them. They were actuality at one time. Afresh gone overnight. Extinction, like the demon. And like the demon, not so clashing the Dinosaurs, if you don’t know, you accomplish up a story. A legend, but nonetheless, and story, some alarm them fairytales. But the Anachronistic did live, as does the Demon, just not area he acclimated to live, and the basic of the anachronistic are beneath us now. So you got to array out actuality from fiction. You see I said you, not me. In Geology or paleontology they didn’t artlessly die overnight, they died abrupt because!

“What ability be the accurate evidence? We accept their footprints, and bones, and the estimated affirmation there is a 60-million year gap here, that is fabricated up; science fiction: the Baron Kong kind, or Godzilla kind.

“The catechism does appear central of me now and then, how can so abounding acute bodies be so dumb? And we accept a lot of acute bodies in the apple of the 21st Century. I accept no colleagues to amuse so I can say this, I charge not allay the accessible eye. Nor do I seek a job from the boss authority of the abstruse scientists that are creating doomsday. It will come, with or after me.

“In my time dinosaurs accept absolved with man, in your time you accept the aisle of man and dinosaurs together, this is fact. And actuality amount two is the: ‘erosional process,’ the brand baby or big, bastard with man, or mammoth, prove they were contemporaries. Now how did they parish. This is a guess, but bigger than the scientist, and I got this advice from a thousand year old acquaintance of mine, if I was alone six-hundred years old: he said ‘My grandfather’s ancestor explained it absolutely well, there was an access abreast the earth, and it was a supernova, and it produced radioactivity, afflicted the atmospheric components. And there became an Ice Age, just afore our time, 13,000 B.C.’ Now that took a lot of of the dinosaurs, not all of them, Uncle Noah, got a few on the ark, and the blow asleep in the flood, which was about 4000 B.C., or 6000-years ago, if absolutely I am speaking to the year 2025 A.D., and I adopt application the acronym A.D.

“But let me yield this a little further, and put God’s chat on top of the Anachronistic list, what did he say? ‘Behomoth’ now who is Behomoth? Job knew, because he heard of them creatures. Now Job lived about 2200 B.C., he was no Jew, nor Muslim, nor Christian, nor Buddhist, or Hindu, he was just a man out of the arid who became baron of Egypt, why aback when, and believed in the one God, Elohim. Now if God declared this animal he duke molded and fabricated into raw flesh, it is absolutely agnate to the brontosaurus, the Godzilla kind, now yield Godzilla afar and you get two words, ‘God,’ and ‘zilla’ a God creature. Conceivably he was the tyrannosaurus (Rex), who’s to say, but let me say this, God said: about this barrage lizard, that some bodies accept declared as a hippopotamus, how silly, but actuality is the description, ‘He sneezes beam alternating light… out of his aperture go afire torches… out of his adenoids smoke… ‘ can that be a adipose or rhino? God goes on to say: he eats grass like an ox. He has able loins. And his ability resides in the anatomy of his belly. He aeroembolism his appendage like a cedar tree. The sinews of his thighs are affiliate together. His basic are tubes of bronze; his limbs are like confined of iron.

“Now, I accept to echo myself: dinosaurs could or would not acclimate to your environment, from what I accept credible in the searching glass. Your new climate, atmospheric altitude would not acquiesce this. Plus they were not created for avant-garde man, to accept lived in a apple bedridden by the sins of man. They were abundant creations. I see today so abounding endangered species, man will accept little to annihilation above 2025. Just the simple war in Vietnam, dead off 90% of their ecosystem, and brought to afterlife so abounding organisms, it is uncountable.

“Now you may not anticipate so, but animals apperceive God. And they apperceive man. Accept them accept and they will leave man stranded, and run to God. They are abashed at man. And already their spirit is lost, they die, forevermore, abiding to dust.

“Angelic Prison: now, I accept to go a little added on this, to let you apperceive God has taken affliction of those adorable beings who anticipate they accept gotten abroad with murder. Anticipate not you will not be accountable, if the angels are you are. Well, God created what is alleged a hell for the angels, like for the demons, it is alleged ‘The Bastille Abode for Angels,’ and they will be bedfast there forever, it is out in the cosmos.

“This bastille abode I am talking about is beleaguer by a abundant fire, afire and flames, my best assumption is a nebula, conceivably in the Black Galaxy. Uriel, whom I accept taken the additional allotment of my name from, he getting a adorable angel, apprenticed abounding an angel and brought him there, until the achievement of ten-million years. Now to me, that is forevermore. I anticipate he had a little abetment with Rufael, addition adorable angel. And Dr. Siluk’s accomplished angel, whom is autograph my extracts down, Suru’el was complex with this procedure, although Mr. Siluk alleged him Sure’el, he got it a little alloyed up, or I do.

“Now what did these angels do: they accomplished man to cede to demons, their subservient; we see this in Haiti even aural the 21st Century. And they were amenable for the bearing of 409,000 Giants, who warred and dead beef like swatting flies. And Semyaza was accused of fornication, and Azaz’el accused for teaching man how to sin, and Amasras accomplished incantations and acid of roots, these were the 200-Watchers; and a allotment of them: As’el, Armaros, Batar’el, Rame’el… and so on and so forth.”

“Sons of God, I apprehend this phrase, it comes out of the book of Genesis. Moses wrote it. What did he mean? Some avant-garde day scientist say he meant those getting that were amid Cro-Magnon men and the Neanderthal women. But Moses didn’t apperceive such things, they are avant-garde names fabricated up by science fiction scientists: so he couldn’t accept meant that. Let me say it afresh ‘Sons of God, and daughters of men.’ What does that mean’ some accept said the Godly Sethites, not abiding why they’d say that, they appear from the decline of Cain. You see how aggregate gets alloyed up, like a basin of crickets. My best assumption is this: adorable beings, abnormal beings, with animal beings. That is what Moses was apropos to, no aberration here. And what affectionate of accouchement did they produce? Divine beings with bodies would actualize a bisected breeds, and they did, some getting Giants (and we accept activate their bones, and beds), some getting half-wits, some being, like Mantic ores, because accept it or not, these abnormal beings had affair with beasts. We accept to abolish all the credible obstacles actuality to get into the reinterpretation of Moses’ monologue: what did the aboriginal Jew and Christian writers think: ‘The Sons of God?’ this should acquaint some truth: in the book of Enoch, the aboriginal of two, accounting 200 B.C., appropriately handed down from millennium to millennium, the Sons of God were, and consistently accept been, angels. The book of Jubilee, aswell describes the aforementioned thing, angels. In 2 Enoch, Angles. In 2 Baruch, angels. In Genesis 6, angels even in the Qumran, the Septuagint, the Codex Alexandrinus, 4th Aeon A.D., all say ‘Sons of God,’ are angels. Flavius Josephus, adheres to the angel theory. Plus it is the a lot of accustomed interpretation. It is aswell the a lot of age-old interpretation. Why Augustine alone the angels, interpretation, is unclear, and still is in agitation is some Christian circles unresolved, and continues to apparent time to time.”

“The Accurate Serpent. I accept credible just like Nostradamus has credible and just like Mother Shipton accept credible visions of the accomplished and future-so I apperceive the absoluteness of them: Nostradamus, his time getting in the 16th Century, Mother Shipton’s time in the 15th Century, prophetess, Nostradamus, able-bodied we’ll get to that shortly; and I, well, you already apperceive my time period. But I feel I accept to leave this allotment of my adventure in, as for to be a allotment of the extracts to be taken out; I, acquainted I accept to let the clairvoyant know, Nostradamus, predicted 5 hundred years advanced of time, his accurate attributes would be revealed, in five-hundred years, and so it has. This would accomplish for a date amid 2000 and 2005. Let me recapitulate that phrase: a addict of the accurate serpent. This, his character will appear to ablaze in the 21st Aeon agency he hid his character in the 16th Century, or fifteen-hundreds, about (1550 A.D.). And he mentions “The Little Horn” and Biblically, the Little Horn is the Antichrist: he ability be answer here, the devil embodied will appear out of Malta. But what is a lot of interesting, is he now sees his veil, uplifted, that one he so ardently, kept covered up in his own lifetime. Like bin Laden, whom one ability say was indwelled with an angry spirit, Nostradamus, admits, he is, or now getting the past, ‘was’ of the attributes of the Devil himself. That the accurate serpent is embodied aural him. It would break one mystery, he knew abundant about disasters forthcoming. And he knew of his own demise, and admits Satan does to, apperceive of his demise, if it will come, and thus, amid afresh and now, he has a lot of plan to do. And I do believe, for every decade of man, Lucifer finds his so alleged Accurate Serpent: such as Muammar Quddafi, Ayatollah Khomeini, Sadden Hessian, Obama, Putin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, there is no end to the account of course; we can go aback to the Crusades, and Rome or Greece, or Troy, or Alexander the Great, and the canicule of Gilgamesh at Ur, appropriate to Cain, and afore Cain to acquisition Satan’s Serpents. It ability aswell be of absorption the Babylonian Talmud speaks of: those closing canicule amid Russia and the U.S. “… if the action of God-Magog, will appear for the purpose of God and his Messiah”; Gog is Russia.

“He predicts Egypt will accommodated sorrows, in Dr. Siluk’s lifespan. And Israel will lose her grip. And there will be a twenty-seven year war: Afghanistan has been traveling on now for 14 of those twenty-seven, and if you add the two Iraqi wars on top of that, we got 24-years absolute appropriately far. He predicts the new war on terrorism, is the alpha of Arab sorrows. He says the acclimatize will abate the west, and the riddle of the accurate serpent, is the invaders: although I anticipate he uses that appellation liberally, as to accredit to him and Satan and the invaders, and those like him.

“Who are these invaders? One ability say, Russia and Israel ability fit the bill, or Egypt alternating with added Arab countries. But that is just guessing.

“On the added hand, Mother Shipton predicts a austere approaching aswell for mankind. This is the time for the Baron of Agatha, to appear out of his hidden underground. And so we know, a lot of likely, the Antichrist is now actuality on earth, and came in abstruse if one was accustomed an ambiguous date, conceivably he accustomed in 1969, and in the anatomy of Nostradamus, five-hundred years ago. He was actuality aswell in my time. And I apprehend he has been in everyone’s time, just he spent a little best time in Nostradamus’ physique than normal. And if Nostradamus mentions the Little Horn, he is absolutely adage the antichrist is actuality to the end, this time.”

And now my baby readers, I will to allotment the endure abstract with you, it has somewhat puzzled me, and scientist should be put on notice, that every day-they are getting attending aloft as added idiotic, if not even foolish, than intelligent, artlessly because they anticipate we are still as apprenticed today as we were yesteryear, to accept annihilation they say. But, no best are the aphotic arch the blind.

“Dark World: and I heard in my day, of those end days, Raziel, the prophetess, say, such words that alone the Devil himself can aces out the meaning: but told me later: ‘They will acquisition themselves in the aphotic backbreaking Wood, a abode from the Conception deficient if anytime any one enjoyed the account of a individual sun-beam. Actuality is area two ablaze ablaze dragons live, appeared afore the Chariot was built, and in those alternating advancing canicule the barbarian to be appear will be aerial assimilate it, and with acceleration doubtful aback his bulletin through the air calling to the world, and giving signs and wonders; accordingly appear this time.’ And afresh in a eyes I saw the active dragoons, afflict the earth.

“But there is more, from the prophetess, from her own visions and for the 21st Century: ‘… the articles will wane, and shall activate in the bounce of the century, abundant woe to the world. Afresh shall women cry well-away, that anytime they lived to see this day. But blessed are the dead’.

“And I myself saw this: the wolves of the world, will say, all is fine, it is a admirable action of course, for all is not fine, they are in error, they are angry abutting to the graveyard. And the systems of the chat are deteriorating, leaders and countries absorb one addition up, in their leisure, as will be in Russia; and China will do additionally in Asia, in the amphibian waters. The upheavals of the times will acquiesce this new, but old politico-ideological force to emerge, over the regions of the world. The old adjustment will cease, the avant-garde era, will end, replaced with an era afraid to cease, and afraid to bend, the ample admiral will bolt up the little ones. Who will stop them? Dominate admiral will no best try to authorize procedures and norms to defended civic boarders, to assure diversity; hegemons like the Nazis or Communists systems. The advance starts at the abatement of the towers, Ukraine, China, Russia, and Iran, North Korea: America’s dilemma. All for all, will argue advanced pluralism. Who will absorb huge amounts of their abundance to authorize adherence in the Middle East, to countries like Syria, no best will the West break all the little problems of the world. And bodies will die for Mother Russia, and Allah. And the ecosystem will collapse, and afresh the harder ability will be enforced, this is the time of the antichrist.

“By 2015 to 2025, the third apple will disappear, and the cure for blight will be found, and amazing ammunition discoveries are made, all-embracing agitation will not be baffled yet, not yet, not for a little while longer, but cause movements will continue: even in Libya, Iran and Syria, watch for it, Christian missionaries will come.

“The Aphotic World, those who lived in the aphotic in Bombay, Hanoi, Bangkok, and the Middle East, old Russia: the Christion comes.”

If Ithuriel has said anything, he has said one thing, and conceivably for some nothing, but the one affair that comes a lot of to ablaze for me is: we are all allotment of something bigger than what we’ve imagined. We are all allotment of it, anniversary and every one of us: demon, adorable beings, animal beings, from Adam’s family, to above-mentioned to his family, to the 21st Aeon and beyond, be it: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, we accept all been from the alpha something added than a accumulation of bones, a accounting story, bond us all together: this is what I get from Ithuriel’s extracts.

Now, afore I leave you I would like to allotment some abrupt addendum with the reader, claimed notes, aback Ithuriel now is out of the account and his extracts, he has affronted some cerebration aural me: aback I am a Christian, what comes to apperception are two biblical curve or verses and some thoughts abaft them:

“The Lord knoweth them that are his.” I adulation this band in 2 Tim. 2:19; it affectionate of tells me, even admitting conception was continued ago, and the apple and flesh had to go through stages, I am in the date God capital me in, the end time stage, a admirable stage. I consistently said, I would either accept admired to been born, in Adam’s time, or the end times: and so I have.

Now for the additional verse, and a abundant best account apropos my cerebration on it: “God will forward a able apparition for those who do not adulation the truth. That they shall accept a lie: so as they all ability be accursed who accept not the truth, but had amusement in unrighteousness. (2 Thess 2:2-12). This brings to apperception the Beatles, and in particular, Lennon, in the aboriginal 1960s. His administrator if I bethink right, was an antichrist, and he said in essence: I’m annihilation compared to John. In added words, John and the added three Beatles, hated Christianity, even to the point adage it would deliquesce itself in due time. And that they were added accepted than Jesus Christ. If not in the spotlight, they were acutely rude, profane, vulgar, absolutely antichrist like. Their time has appear and gone, and Christianity is still here. But what a apparition all three had, it comes appropriate out of 2 Thess, Chapter 2. This is what I’m talking about, or Paul in his epistle is talking about. It ability be account adage also, to accomplish things clearer: the Beatles, alternating with John Denver and Bob Dylan, fabricated a backpack with the Devil, a affectionate of acceptance pack, and so they active in claret their affirmation to paradise, for Tartarus: and I’m abiding John L., and John D, are accepting a hell of time ambidextrous with the signature in claret at this actual moment. It ability be of interest, a anchorperson aback in the day, alleged Elvis, the aboriginal Rock and Roll Demon.

Now the third affair that comes to apperception is this: who is the woman on top of the scarlet Barbarian in the book of Revelation, Chapter 17? She is the backslider of Christendom! My best assumption is this: we accept several denominations in Christendom, all anticipate they are right, all anticipate they airing in the footsteps of the fishermen. Do they? I’ll acquaint you who she is not: she is not the woman that puts her heel assimilate the arch of the snake, to drove him. Rather she is the one who corrupts the abbey for Satan. Let me explain: How do you apperceive your abbey is the actual church? Do you yield it for accepted it is? Because they say it is? Are you too apathetic to acquisition out, amount it out which one is and which one is not? We reside in a apple of multi information, it shouldn’t be that hard. Again, actuality is my thinking: if Christ comes, he is demography abroad his church, those who accept gone by the Gospels. It will not be one Church, the Catholic Church, or the Baptist Church, or the Protestant Church, or the Abbey of Jesus Christ, per se, it will be locations of each, the best locations of each: those that admired him, knew him, and preached who he was and what he did. Do you apperceive who Christ was, and what he did? If you don’t your abbey is a lot of acceptable the amiss church. The Mormons, and the Jehovah Witnesses are cults, did you apperceive that. If you say I am wrong, afresh prove it. We are not so abundant altered than those association afore the canicule of the flood, in that we don’t wish limitations, yet we wish stability, and we are accessible to accord God up for authoritativeness and pleasure.

Note: Accounting out in longhand, and afresh on the computer, amid 5-4-2014, and 5-6-2014; No: 1058